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What is the Average Towing Cost: Get the Best Estimate

Car towing is typical in the US and most car owners will find that they need at least one towing service in their lifetime. So it’s always useful to know how much a flatbed crane costs and what all the towing involves. Towing costs can seem high if you are not part of a roadside assistance group.

And if you don’t have an emergency fund, it can be difficult to pay for a trailer when you need it. This article attempts to shed some light on what to expect from a towing company and how much you may need to spend in a situation

You should be aware that towing services can involve more than just moving a vehicle from a location on the other hand. As such, towing costs may vary depending on your circumstances, the services you require, your location and the towing company.

Approx  get idea does a tow truck cost?

Typically, the average cost of a trailer is $109. While exact pricing varies from location to location, expect to pay around $2.50 to $7 per mile. Towing costs increase for heavy vehicles.

To give you a better idea, here’s what you can spend per mile.

Factors that affect the height it may cost a platform crane

The flat bed trailer can cost you more than the standard trailer. In the event of an accident, it usually costs more to have your vehicle towed away. In addition, the cost of having your car towed and impounded can be even higher

Yes Please check prices directly on the company’s official website; maybe you can get a better overview of the towing service in your area. However, these prices are relatively common.

For flatbed trailers, prices often start as low as $50 and can quickly reach $100.

Below are some of the main factors causing these fluctuations in towing costs.

Distance you need to travel with a tow truck.

  • The size of your
  • The level of difficulty to lift your car onto the tow truck.
  • Time of day.
  • Additional roadside assistance required.
  • Here are some estimates if you are still not sure how much a tow truck will
  • Tow truck general: $75 – $125
  • Flatbed to truck: $95 + $3 .
  • 50 per mile
  • Motorcycle towing: $75 + $1 per mile (more than 10 miles)
  • Large or heavy vehicle towing: $10-$35 additional charge (or 20-25% more)
  • Mileage rate: $2-$4 per extra mile
  • Out of hours cost: $5 – $150 additional cost

Note: these are approx price you can get exact and particular towing cost using towing cost calculator

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