Reviews From Our Customers

“This place is a good place for car service,,,.I have known the owner for years. Ive been doing his wheel alignments for about five years. they do suspension work at there location,,,,,,The quality of there work looks outstanding on every car they have brought to me for a alignment. I use there services for some of my own cars……..emissions test,, exhaust,,,etc. I run a auto shop of my own…so most of my repairs on my cars are done by me. But anything I don’t do….he dose it for me….he is honest,,,,,,,,,hard working,,,,,,, and his prices are reasonable . I would highly recommend him to anyone. good people..good service”… Joe T.

“This is one of the best Automotive shop around the Loganville Area. These Guys are very Honest and their work is outstanding. Three years ago, I went to another automotive shop (Name confidential) for an estimate on my SUV. They told me $637.12. I wanted a second opinion, so I went to RMR AUTO Shop, the Guy did a diagnostic and came back and told me it will cost about $390. plus tax. I asked him when can I get it done, he said they will close in 45 min and they can get it done the following day. I was at RMR at 7:45am the next day. These Guys did an awesome job and my vehicle has been running ever since. I will recommend RMR auto care to anyone at anytime. They work is done with honesty and the environment is great.”… Rishi P.